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Male retail worker standing behind a till speaking into a walkie talkie Male retail worker standing behind a till speaking into a walkie talkie


Retail industries are dependent on communication and teamwork and we offer a full range of Two-way Radios to suit these needs.

In More Detail

BP Multipage Ltd. supply a large number of high-quality, professional two-way radio to the retail sector. From smaller high street shops to the large stores within a multi-storey shopping centre, our equipment can help maintain smooth in-store communication whether it’s on the shop floor or the stock room / warehouse.

  1. With an increase in responsiveness you can reduce inventory shrinkage and accelerate the training of new hires.
  2. Whether it is an answer to a customer's question, a clean-up on aisle five or an in-store emergency, two-way radios provide your employees with clear communications allowing your staff to make the most of their time.
  3. Efficient communication with security team to help ensure the safety of staff and store items. 
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Man working at fruit and veg stand in supermarket wearing a communication ear piece

Popular Features of Retail Products

Instant communication
Reduced response time
Enhanced efficiency
Ease of use

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