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First responder driving a van talking into a walkie talkie First responder driving a van talking into a walkie talkie

"Blue-Light" Services

At BP Multipage Ltd., we know when every second counts it is important to stay connected, stay safe and stay informed. You want to know that you can rely on your communications systems, devices, networks, and software to work in unison so that you can always stay productive.

In More Detail

We know that the right technology is important, whether it is delivering robust equipment that provide 24/7 access for paramedics and police officers on the go or designing the infrastructure that will enable critical operations in a control centre. It can help cut costs in a budget-conscious industry, increase efficiencies, enhance connectivity, and boost productivity.

  1. Mobile two-way radios installed into vehicles with voice message feature
  2. Communication headsets with noise reduction microphones for clear speech ensuring the right message is delivered on time 
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Man walking outside in high-vis coat holding a walkie talkie

Popular Features of Blue Light Services Products

Voice message feature on mobile radios
Two Way radios with many accessory options
Out of Hours support to maintenance contract customers

Who We've Worked With

Trinity College Dublin Coláiste na Tríonóide, Baile Átha Cliath The University of Dublin
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You Can Count On Us

BP have the know how the expertise and the tech to help your organisation to perform to the highest standards. get in touch