VoCoVo Spare Charging Module for VoCoVo 5-Way Multi-charger

VoCoVo Spare Charging Module for VoCoVo 5-Way Multi-charger

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Code: VCV2840-RCM

The VoCoVo Docks are designed specifically to work with VoCoVo Headsets providing optimum charging conditions to maximise the battery life of each device.

The Docks are a safe and secure method of storing devices reducing the risk of loss or accidental damage. The modular design means that the number of charging slots can quickly and easily be expanded.

The racks have been developed specifically with a small footprint and an attractive design. Devices achieve full charge in less than 3 hours. The Docks then keep the devices at full charge ready for use.

Key Features

  • Headset Dock  
  • Will simultaneously charge up between 5 devices
  • Easy to understand LED Indicator shows charging status
  • Dock automatically switches the Headset to standby when placed in the charger
  • Devices automatically switches on when removed from the docks
  • Charging circuit is designed to optimise battery life
  •  Docks contain short circuit protection
  • Can be wall mounted (wall rack attachment required)
  • Individually replaceable headset modules