VoCoVo Reach IP20 Repeater

VoCoVo Reach IP20 Repeater

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Code: VCV1300

The VoCoVo Repeater provides a simple means to extend the range of the VoCoVo wireless network. In standalone systems, the Repeater can provide extended coverage, where a multi-cell installation would normally be required.

In “radio black spot areas” where radio coverage is reduced or limited, the VoCoVo Repeater can be added to a VoCoVo system to overcome limitations. The Repeater when installed within radio range of a VoCoVo Base Unit will extend the coverage area of the VoCoVo network: Up to three VoCoVo Repeaters can be used to extend the range of a single base unit. The Repeaters must be configured in a star formation (all Repeaters in range of the Base Unit), and cannot be used in a daisy-chain configuration. 

Key Features

  • Extends range of all VoCoVo devices
  • Extends the VoCoVo network
  • Up to 3 VoCoVo repeaters per VoCoVo Base
  • Supports automatic handover 
  • Dual internal antennas 
  • Handles up to 5 simultaneous connections
  • Full Encryption Internal or External Use