VoCoVo Pulse IP20 Base Unit

VoCoVo Pulse IP20 Base Unit

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Code: VCV1400

The VoCoVo Base provides the wireless backbone to the range of VoCoVo devices. The Bases can be used in isolation (standalone) or networked to provide a multi-cell wireless infrastructure.

The VoCoVo wireless backbone connects all VoCoVo technology. VoCoVo devices communicate within a conference to provide team communications and individually when one-to-one communication is required. Multiple conferences can be created with multi-cell installations. Colleagues are able to switch and merge conferences where device permissions have been configured. Bases and VoCoVo devices are remotely provisioned, configured and upgraded with VoCoVo devices receiving over-the-air updates.

Key Features

  • Up to 1000 Wireless VoCoVo Headsets/Devices
  • Highly scalable systems from 1 to 250 Bases
  • Up to 100 VoCoVo Repeaters in a system
  • Full duplex audio between all devices
  • Remote configuration and firmware upgrades
  • Network Integration IEEE802.3af POE
  • Expandable to incorporate integrations
  • Optional integration with telephony systems
  • Multi-base radio with seamless handovers between bases