VB400 Motorola Body-Worn Camera

VB400 Motorola Body-Worn Camera

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VB400 Motorola Body-Worn Camera
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This next-generation body-worn camera provides rugged quality and high performance for all situations. The VB400 features a wide-angled lens that supports high-quality video in 1080p.

The pre-record option captures a continuous loop of audio and video before the moment the camera starts recording and with peer-assisted recording along with the use of Bluetooth, the VB400 eliminates the need to press record. With the ability to capture up to 12 hours on a single charge, better protection is offered for lone workers or crew working in hostile environments. A toughened exterior of the VB400 resists rain, snow, and dust and is tested to military standards.

The large central button and robust side switch are carefully situated for easy operation, even when gloved. Live streaming connects crew members to the control room and with the integration of Bluetooth sensors and beacons automated recording functionalities are available enabling your team to respond quickly in critical situations.


  • Long battery life for full-shift recording
  • Pre / post-record captures the moments that matter
  • Full HD recording in 1080p
  • Bluetooth® & Wi-Fi®connectivity
  • Peer-assisted recording
  • GPS
  • Secure file encryption
  • Flexible mounting options

Mounting Options 

There are four different types of VB400. They are as follows

VB-440-64-QR-N This model comes factory-fitted with a quick release back plate.

VB-440-64-KF-N This model comes factory-fitted with a Klick Fast back plate.

VB-440-64-VF-N This model comes factory-fitted with a close fit back plate.

VB-440-64-ALIG-N This model comes factory-fitted with an alligator clip.

There is no hard-and-fast rule for choosing a camera. However, certain models are more suited for specific types of uniform than others.

• QUICK RELEASE This model offers a great deal of flexibility, as it is compatible with all Klick Fast mounts when used with any one of the Klick Fast Quick Release Fixings (VB-400-QR-KFSTUD/KFTILT/KFTILT2). It can also be removed from uniforms swiftly, due to its built-in quick release mechanism.

• KLICK FAST Typically used with inflexible, stiff body-armour such as bulletproof vests and stab vests, this model is compatible with all Klick Fast mounts by default. Additionally, the unique Klick Fast locking mechanism ensures that the camera cannot be removed from the wearers’ uniform with brute force.

• CLOSE FIT The VB-440-64-VF-N is compatible with our powerful CloseFit Magnet Mount (VB-400-VF-MAG). This makes it ideal if your organization’s uniform is not suitable for conventional body-worn camera mounting options - for example, because your workers do not typically wear belts, button-down shirts with pockets or jackets with epaulettes.

• ALLIGATOR CLIP This model enables wearers to directly attach their VB400 onto their clothing via a rotatable alligator clip, making it useful for uniforms with pockets, lapels or button-down shirts. Additionally, it is the only model which can be used with a lanyard (AC-LANYARD-05).


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