Swissphone s.QUAD X35 Pager

Swissphone s.QUAD X35 Pager

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Code: s.QUAD X35

High-quality compact design meets robustness. In addition to the intuitive operation, the pager is comfortable to wear, even on long shifts. Unbeatable for rescue operations of any kind. The s.QUAD is extremely flexible and tailored to requirements. Ideal for rescue operations.

Its key features include excellent reception (sensitivity 2µV/m) and loud alert tone up to 95 dB. 64 RICs with a total of 256 alarm addresses allow high flexibility in alarming – this stands out as a distinguishing feature compared to its brother model, the s.QUAD X15. Also, the s.QUAD X35  has additional features: for example, the multi-color alarm LEDs and the programming of individual alarm melodies.

The pager is just as protected from external influences such as water or dust as it is when dropped from a height of two meters. Its compact design makes it very easy to use, which is an advantage especially when things have to move quickly. The s.QUAD X series devices achieve runtimes of up to three months on a single battery charge.

Key Features

  • 64 call addresses (RICs) with 4 sub-addresses each for flexible individual and group alarms
  • 64 switching profiles possible.
  • Display with high resolution for over 200 characters per page for good readability even with complex messages
  • Alerting via POCSAG
  • Connection with smartphone