Swissphone s.QUAD Voice Pager

Swissphone s.QUAD Voice Pager

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Code: s.QUAD Voice

Individual fixed texts for 64 addresses and large voice memory: the s.QUAD Voice not only offers a high level of wearing comfort but also very convenient message processing.

The integrated RFID chip allows further personalisable functionalities. With a simple firmware update, the s.QUAD Voice becomes a digital POCSAG pager. The s.QUAD Voice can be connected to a smartphone to use the various s.ONE software solutions from Swissphone.

An individual fixed text can be shown on the display for each of the 64 addresses. This and the large voice memory of up to 16 minutes create the prerequisite for convenient message review.

Another advantage: with a firmware update, the s.QUAD Voice becomes a digital POCSAG pager; optionally, it can also serve as an analogue and digital pager at the same time. This feature and the programmable reception frequency make it a future-proof investment. And the loud alarm (up to 95 dBA at 30 cm) makes it heard anytime and anywhere.

Key Features

  • Voice message plays automaticallyafter the alert
  • Storage of voice messages, meaning that critical messages are not lost
  • Firmware update to digital POCSAG pager possible
  • High wearing comfort – ideal for wearing during long shifts
  • Robust, dustproof, waterproof, making the s.Quad Voice ideal for tough environments
  • Output of the alarm as a voice message
  • Alerting via POCSAG
  • Connection with smartphone