Swissphone Pager s.QUAD C45

Swissphone Pager s.QUAD C45

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Code: C45

As a unique pager in its class, the s.QUAD C is equipped with a mobile radio module and integrated eSIM. Thus, the two-way pager with innovative design offers hybrid alerting and allows feedback for emergency services. 

With its integrated mobile radio module, the digital pager meets the requirements of the latest technological developments in the network infrastructure and can therefore thus also be used for future-oriented IoT projects. This also enables the demand for the much sought-after remote configuration and allows firmware updates regardless of location.

Other features of the pager are excellent reception (sensitivity 2µV/m) and a configurable loud alarm, with up to 95 dB. The pager can withstand exposure to dust and splash water as well as a drop from a height of two meters. These features help prevent damage and reduce operating costs.

In power management, the proven standard AA round cell excels with its long runtime and masters an operating time of up to seven days with constant mobile network connection. In POCSAG mode, the runtime increases to several weeks.

Key Features

  • Use of an eSIM with integrated connectivity
  • GPS function for outdoor localisation
  • Confirmation channel and hybrid alarm via suitable mobile radio technology
  • Excellent reception characteristics, also in mobile radio operation
  • Up to seven days battery life, whilst being connected permanently to the mobile phone network
  • SOS emergency call function