Swatcom SC37 Fleximic, detachable noise-cancelling mic

Swatcom SC37 Fleximic, detachable noise-cancelling mic

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Swatcom SC37 Fleximic, detachable noise-cancelling mic
Code: SC37-01

The SWATCOM SC37 Fleximic enables the conversion of the Active8 headband into a communications headset.

This lightweight, detachable, noise-calling mic is made of Kevlar-reinforced cables to ensure maximum levels of durability in the most difficult of conditions.

The microphone connects into the Auxiliary port of the Active8 and has a TP120 plug allowing easy connection to a Push-To-Talk or communications device of your choice. Weighing a mere 35 grams the microphone connector is designed to be as lightweight and unobtrusive as possible.

The NATO NEXUS TP-120 MIL-Spec connector, connects to our SWATCOM PTT2000 range of PTT’s enabling use with most two-way radio transceivers.

Key Features

  • The SC37 Fleximic can easily be removed from the headset when not required.
  • Noise-cancelling water-resistant electret microphone
  • Simple, rugged attachment to all SWATCOM Active8 HEADBAND headsets
  • Fitted with NATO TP-120 MIL-Spec connector.
  • Connects to SWATCOM MIL-Spec PTT2000 series.
  • Audio connection via 3.5mm stereo connector