Swissphone RES.Q LTE-M digital two-way pager

Swissphone RES.Q LTE-M digital two-way pager

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Numerous blue-light services use the RES.Q digital two-way pager for emergency alerting. It combines the functions of an active POCSAG alerting terminal with a cellular data module.

The latest generation of the proven RES.Q pager is available in two versions. The RES.Q has a cellular LTE-M cellular data module with integrated GSM fallback, which enables technical and tactical feedback as well as availability management. This makes planning easier for the command.

The RES.Q L provides outdoor and indoor positioning via iBeacon. With the help of these modules, emergency forces can be located or their distance from the scene of the incident can be determined. The position data is also used for the emergency call function.

Both versions are compact and robust. Via the integrated software, they can be adapted and customised in many ways to meet specific requirements. For example, the user can create different profiles for work and leisure. The RES.Q also scores with a long battery life.

Key Features

  • Robust design
  • Message reception via POCSAG
  • Mobile radio for redundant alerting and as response channel
  • Different response options for alarms
  • RES.Q L: Emergency call function with GPS
  • Hybrid alerting via POCSAG and mobile radio
  • Positioning outdoor and indoor
  • Feedback channel with eight different feedbacks
  • Acknowledgment of receipt
  • Individualisation via different profiles