NXR-1800 UHF Compact Repeater

NXR-1800 UHF Compact Repeater

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Code: NXR-1800

The NXR-1700 VHF (NXR-1800 UHF) is a light, compact, multi-mode conventional repeater that supports features and performance to make it ideally suited to users wishing to increase the range and capacity of an existing FM Analogue system while offering the option to migrate to DMR or NXDN digital operation at a later date by simply activating the appropriate license and configuring the radio accordingly.

Features include:

• 50 – 1 W RF Output Power (Up to 50 W@50%, 25 W@100% Duty Cycle)
• Up to 32 Channels
• Easy visible 1.71-inch OLED Display
• Built-in IP Network Adapter
• IP Remote Management
• Multi-Site Conventional IP Network up to16 Sites (for both Digital and FM Analogue) in Unicast mode
• Voting Repeater + Up to 15 Receivers (FM Analogue/NXDN/DMR)
• Flexible redundancy configuration
• SIP phone interface (OP)