Motorola R7 Capable UHF - FKP Two Way Radio

Motorola R7 Capable UHF - FKP Two Way Radio

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Code: R7 Capable UHF - FKP

MOTOTRBO™ R7 is the new range of two-way radios that bring better user-friendly experience to the user with great Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity features. MOTOTRBO™ R7 is a digital portable two-way radio that offers loud, clear, and customisable audio in a rugged conditions while the device continuously stays connected.

The R7 has a privacy feature which prevents eavesdropping by unauthorised users on a channel by the use of a software-based scrambling solution. The signalling and user identification portions of a transmission are clear.

*Allows you to enable features via license keys (AVAILABLE TO PURCHASE)



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