Multitone i-Message

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Multitone i-Message is a hybrid messaging platform. Multitone i-Message brings devices together. It facilitates communications between everything from fire alarm systems to smartphone apps, enabling centralised monitoring, automation and effortless communication. It plays an essential role in many of Multitone's innovative integration and communications solutions as it’s at the heart of many Multitone solutions.

Multitone i-Message acts as both a communications hub and a control centre, processing data from myriad sources, facilitating communication between disparate devices, executing automation and providing the administration interface for a number of Multitone solutions.

Multitone i-Message Benefits - 

  • Unifies devices into an integrated system, even if their firmware is incompatible
  • Transmits, stores and backs-up data
  • Allows centralised monitoring, messaging & administration

 i-Message Cloud offers -

  • Lower cost of entry
  • No infrastructure, maintenance or estate costs
  • Quick and easy deployment
  • Modularity & scalability - pay only for what you use, scale up & down with ease
  • Peace of mind: i-Message Cloud is hosted by industry leaders AWS
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