Hytera Body Camera SC580 Series

Hytera Body Camera SC580 Series

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With light weight, this pocket-sized body camera stands with a height of 91 mm, a width of 55 mm, and a depth of 29 mm, allowing officers to comfortably hold it in their hands or wear it on the uniform all day long without much burden. Its thin body comes with a powerful battery, which lasts longer than regular work shifts.

With the 6-axis image stabilization technology, this body camera captures stable and clear videos even when the user is on the move.

The body camera captures crisp-clear, colorful images with details even in the darkness due to its starlight standard sensor (*only available for SC580 starlight night vision).

Thanks to the powerful battery and the power consumption optimization, the body camera can record videos for up to 10 hours in a row.

Enabled by Hytera’s innovative dual-stream technology, the body camera records and stores high definition footage locally, while streaming compressed video. (*Optional function)

With a large and intuitive Video Recording Key, users can intuitive start the recording through quick and simple operation amid the hustle of onsite activities.

Pre-event recording enables the body camera to automatically capture video and audio up to 120 seconds before a recording is manually activated. It ensures crucial events are captured and recorded as complete as possible – even before pressing the recording button, especially when the scene unfolds volatile.

With the Hytera PTToC application, the body camera works multipurpose as a PoC radio and enables officers to instantly communicate across the team with a single push on the PTT button. Its dual microphones, coupled with the noise cancellation algorithm, enable SC580 to deliver crystal clear audio in noisy environments. (*Optional function)



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