Entel Single Unit Charger CSAHT

Entel Single Unit Charger CSAHT

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Entel Single Unit Charger CSAHT

This intelligent rapid mains charger ensures that the battery only receives the correct amount of charge. Charge status is indicated via a multi-coloured LED so you will know whether the battery is fully charged before use. Charger operates between 110-230V. Charge time is approximately 3 hours but dependent on the capacity of the battery pack.


• The CSAHT charger can be used to recharge Entel’s lithium-Ion battery packs.

• Free range power supply facilitates AC voltages in the range 100V to 240V.

• The time required to recharge a fully discharged CNB Series battery pack is approximately 3 hours.

• When charging is complete the CSAHT automatically switches to standby.

• This charger has been designed to sit on a flat surface or be wall/ bulkhead mounted for your convenience.