EkoTek Staff Safety Solution

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EkoTek Staff Safety Solution by Multitone is a wireless personal alarm system with an accurate room-based location and offers two distinct levels of alert, low priority (blue) and emergency – high priority (red). Providing a complete solution to quality staff communications that are not only flexible but reliable whilst supporting appropriate levels of care. Ideal for mental healthcare facilities where staff or patients are at risk of harm this staff protection system ensures assistance arrives swiftly to those in need of it. 
With the requirement that systems have to strictly fit in with the specifications and layout of the facilities and accommodate them, cabling could be restricted by the infrastructure of the buildings; EkoTek offers a fully flexible solution. 
Because the EkoTek system is wireless it can be installed in virtually any location making it an ideal choice for new-build facilities and older buildings where existing infrastructure makes wiring difficult. Relying on Wi-Fi transmitters (rather than infrared) a highly accurate location can be pinpointed and tracked as they move. 
This discreet device can be worn under a jacket or uniform covertly. Alerts can only be switched off at the source, so no incidents will be disregarded, offering assurance to users. 
Key Features 
• Wireless 
• Fully flexible 
• IP67 rated – waterproof and dustproof allowing users to clean the devices with sprays or disinfectant to ensure hygiene is maintained, whilst protecting against dirt and water ingress. 
• Charges automatically in situ 
• Full charge – three to four days’ worth of normal usage. 
• Precise room-based location 
• Two distinct levels of alert. 
• Wireless beacons (with a panic button) 
• Cost-effective


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