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EkoSecure offers a reliable critical communications solution for businesses & public service providers alike. EkoSecure is an outdoor version of Multitone’s EkoTek staff safety system that operates on a different frequency which improves and extends the range for outdoor areas, outdoor signal repeaters provide a 60-metre coverage on average.

Paging is the most reliable option when it comes to communications technology, it is rugged and provides better coverage than any telephone and internet networks; working under any circumstances. Suitable for doctors, firefighters, lifeboat crews and other critical workers in the public sector and private industry, being out of contact is not an option.

With EkoSecure users can be ensured staff will always pick up their pagers the moment the bleep sounds. Some premises feature a variation of indoor and outdoor areas (such as a university campus) and providing staff with a personal alarm system that continues to operate indoors and outdoors ensures total coverage. Multiple buildings can also be joined up by outdoor signals provided by repeaters. The EkoSecure Dual-band Pager (ESPAG) operates at both 2.4 Ghz and 868 Mhz and is IP67 certified, rechargeable and has a battery life of up to 48 hours.

Key Features

• Self-Monitored Mesh Network -The system notifies you automatically if there's a fault: however, broken, or disrupted repeaters won’t prevent the transmission of an alarm. As the system is fully wireless, it's economical, quick, and easy to install.

• Emergency Alarm - The red button triggers a critical alert to summon help, including location and user information. An escalation process ensures all alarms need to be accepted with a response.

• Call for Assistance - The blue button offers a second non-critical alert to that of the emergency alert.

• Snatch Cord - During an incident, pulling the snatch cord provides an instant alarm should the device be removed from the wearer.

• Dead Man - Portable units can be configured to raise an alarm if no response is received to a scheduled request, with escalation.

• Man-down - Portable units can be set up with man-down functionality so that on suffering a fall, an alarm is raised with escalation.


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