Courtney Throne ECONOMY+ / 08 RANGE - Wireless Nursecall Range

Courtney Throne ECONOMY+ / 08 RANGE - Wireless Nursecall Range

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Wireless Nurse Call System

The Courtney Throne 08 Range is specifically designed for care homes and hospitals alike, offering a wireless nurse call system that is easy to use and provides valuable information. With competitive pricing and an easy installation process, the Courtney Thorne 08 Economy nurse call system provides advanced nurse call features while reducing your expenses compared to a traditional wired system.

Ease of Use:

The call buttons on the system are designed with simplicity in mind, making them easily identifiable and user-friendly for both patients and staff.

Information and Accountability:

With just a click of a button, you can access real-time reports that show the number of calls, response times, and which carer was responding. This information helps managers make informed decisions and provides clear accountability to residents and their families.

Value and Reliability:

This nurse call system offers a cost-effective solution for replacing ageing or failing nurse call systems quickly and reliably. The 08 Economy range is much more cost-effective compared to a hard-wired alternative.

Simplicity and No Disruption:

Installation is a breeze as our system requires no wiring. This allows us to work in an operational care home or hospital ward without causing any disruption to staff and residents.

Flexibility for the Future:

The modular design of Courtney Thorne’s system allows for easy expansion and reconfiguration, providing you with a system that can grow and adapt as your layout and room use change.

Infection Control:

We understand the importance of maintaining high infection control standards in care homes. The nurse call room units have wipe-clean fronts and anti-microbial additives on all surfaces and buttons, helping you uphold these standards throughout your facility.


We offer technical assistance and have a fully functioning workshop for repairs. We also offer maintenance contracts/service level agreements for peace of mind. We may also facilitate call-ins for our clients with Service Level Agreements since we appreciate that emergencies occur, and we want to be there to support you. If necessary, critical backup equipment is available to our customers.