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The smart Altra Care nurse call system is tailored to suit your environment, your residents, your staff and your own needs. A system will typically include wireless call buttons, pull cords and wearable single-touch devices that allow alarm calls from carers and residents with just one click. These are available along with assistive technologies that activate instantly. Calls are logged through a personalised Altra Touch panel, the heart of your system, and simultaneously displayed on strategically located mini touch panel display screens and disseminated to smart mobile devices or pagers for immediate use.

Built-in Bluetooth and wireless sensors allow the Altra Care nurse call system optimised connectivity with a wide range of devices and accessories and with effortless smartphone integration.

Multiple on-board sensors ensure the Altra Care nurse call system monitors resident and staff activity throughout your care home for the safest possible environment.

Altra Care nurse call system uses the dedicated Category 1 European 869.2MHz social alarms frequency to reduce interference for perfectly clear calls. "Listen before talk" anti-collision technology and call acknowledgement gives you peace of mind all calls are received reliably.

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