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Pager screen that reads 475 Unit A Pager screen that reads 475 Unit A


At BP Multipage Ltd. we provide versatile systems that communicate critical information from individual staff members to emergency response teams about medical emergencies, fire, security breaches, equipment failures, and more.

In More Detail

Paging technology, despite its long history, is still evolving. A text message of up to 1,000 characters can be displayed on modern pagers. They can also be used to create a feedback and communication platform when paired with GSM or IoT (Internet of Things) technology. 

This isn't just about recorded messages; modern paging networks can even relay live speech in real-time, making them an ideal way to get complicated instructions to first responders in a matter of seconds. This is a great solution for circumstances where text messages will fail to transmit the message completely and instantly. It takes advantage of stable and private paging networks.

Improved security and faster transmitting speeds have made pagers much safer and more dependable than before.

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Best Features

Check out some of the Best Features of Pagers below.
Economical & cost-effective
Secure & discrete
Robust, simple & reliable
Fast response time

Some of Our Pager Products

Multitone RPR950 pager

Multitone RPR950 series

Multitone RPR 750IS pager


Spok 7950 pager

Spok 7950 V2

Birdy slim pager

Birdy Slim

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