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Man in hard hat speaking into a walkie talkie Man in hard hat speaking into a walkie talkie

Mass Communication Solutions

One layer at a time, add protection, security, and communication options. As a business owner or leader, you're undoubtedly faced with a variety of daily problems that you must address. What if a simple mass communication system might help you solve some of your most pressing issues?

In More Detail

To keep production lines moving, clear communication between employees is essential, regardless of their location. Two-way radio systems provide instant communications between all key personnel in an organisation.

Our two-way radios provide a simple but effective solution that allows staff and management to collaborate closely. We offer a full range of analogue, digital, and ATEX intrinsically safe equipment. You can choose from basic voice communication to more sophisticated emergency features such as panic buttons and “Man Down” alarms. We can also interface radio systems with critical alarms such as Fire, BMS, or Process Control. Installation is fast and simple – for new systems, we use our ComReg allocation of 9 third party business radio channels.

We have a wide variety of accessories and communication headsets that work in sync with our radios. We ensure that you are offered the solutions that’s a perfect fit for you and your company.  

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Man in hard hat speaking into a walkie talkie

Why Choose Our Two-Way Radio?

Service during emergencies
Variety of accessory options
Special features like “man down” features
Bluetooth capability
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