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Man working at a height secured to a metal bar by a harness Man working at a height secured to a metal bar by a harness

Lone Worker Products

At BP Multipage Ltd., we understand how important it is to always keep your employees safe. It is critical that they can always communicate with key personnel, whether they are working in a psychiatric ward or operating from the top of a crane, we have the right solution in mind.

In More Detail

Lone worker solutions are applicable to any company who has staff working solo and will need quick assistance as result of an incident. Workers in the industrial and construction industries are particularly affected. In the event of an incident, these workers require additional protection and security. Things can go wrong more often than you would expect, and they can occur at any moment. 
In addition, the consequences of workplace violence in the healthcare industry are enormous. Staff members have been killed or seriously injured due to lack of communication for assistance. Security costs put a strain on tight budgets. Workplaces as a result become even more stressful, which can increase the risk of medication errors, increase staff turnover, and jeopardize patient care.

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Man in hard hat speaking into a walkie talkie

Best Features of Lone Worker Products

AVL Tracking (real-time GPS)
Voice Recordings
Sensor Monitoring (Impact & Lack of Movement)
Panic Button
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